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Agios Myron town
Malevizi, Iraklion
Agios Myron, with 708 inhabitants, lies 18 km from the city of Iraklion to the south west. Its one of the most important villages of the area with interesting town planning and impressive samples of traditional architecture. Built between two hills it commands a panoramic view and the school's clock, its main characteristic, is visible from almost everywhere in the area of Malevizi.Agios Myron has been totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1856.

The town was named after the local Saint "Agios Myron" (249 - 251) , bishop of Gortys at the end of the 4th century who was born in the ancient town RAFKOS (a significant city -state with its one coins on the remnants of which the village was built).
At the church the visitor can admire the wonderful frescoes and visit the hermitage and the burial of the Saint. There is a town feast on the 8th August organized by the cultural association in his honour.
Another feast organized also by the cultural association is the celebration of KLIDONAS (fortune telling).

The water of Agios Myron is of excellent quality and is considered to be one of the most important resources for the town.

Places worth a visit in the village are also the chapel of Agii Apostoloi with important frescoes, the chapel of Agia Paraskevi (part of the "Agion Oros" community) with a perennial eucalyptus in its yard. There are also three stone made fountains from the beginning of the 20th century related to the local custom of Klidonas.

A rare phenomenon of sounds created by the wind can be observed at the area of "Drakos".
In the area there are three caves: "Agiasma", "Anonymo" and "tou Manoura o spilios".

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